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Poster: leftwinger57 Date: Mar 13, 2013 3:42pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Jimi (non-Dead)

I did a post on the decline of Jimi a few years ago .Agreed
that there must be a wealth of still unreleased tapes that can be HC/afied.As for my conclusion the 1st time I saw him was at the White Plains Civic Center and as you can imagine it was a revalation the guy was from another planet.Then comes Hunter College w/ Soft Machine opening and again a worthy performance.Next up was a walk -on. Elctirc Flag was headlining The Fillmore East and the show was over ,Bloomfield and the horn players left the stage and people started to leave.Buddy Miles says wait people the show isn't over I gots a friend and I think you know this guy. Out comes Jimi w/ the velvet pants,hat,feathers and they just do some blues w/ Buddy miles singing Hey Joe to start it off. There was no inter action w/ Bloomfield and Jimi which would have been interesting.Now the next was 2nd row Fillmore East Jimi was all shctick and not inpressive.He does this thing where he jams his Strat into a speaker port on a Marshall stack for effect but I was so close it was an open hole. Then at the end ala Townsend he changes fron his white concert Strat to a chepo Squire and destoys it.This is all premeditated and not an original feature of the show. The last straw was he had top billing at a peace concert at MSG.There were many acts and personally I thought The Rascals stole the show.Then Jimi comes on and must have been wasted on acid because about 16000 flash cubes went off he freaked and left w/o playing a note. Now w/ saying all that he still does rate top ranking of the 100 greatest ever for inovation alone and think w/ all the toys out these days what tunes he could have produced.An after thought, he used jam at Steve Pauls Scene and would play w/ anybody who would have balls enough to jump on stage .He was giving like that and lived to play all the time.

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Poster: light into ashes Date: Mar 13, 2013 4:37pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Jimi (non-Dead)

These are the known dates:

White Plains County Center - 4/6/68

Hunter College - 3/2/68 - a short incomplete audience tape survives

Fillmore East - 5/10/68 - a good audience tape survives; this is considered one of the best shows of the period with some extended playing. The preplanned "destruction shtick," of course doesn't matter much on tape. Keep in mind he'd been doing that onstage for over a year, so he had that act down, switching guitars, preparing amps & all...

Electric Flag, Fillmore East - 6/8/68 (QMS opened) - Bloomfield left early, before Hendrix came on; this was Bloomfield's last show with Electric Flag, since he'd quit the band, and his replacement guitarist also played this night. Bloomfield was also very unhappy that his band kept jamming with Hendrix (this happened on several occasions), so it's not too surprising they didn't play together. I think there's a circulating tape of the QMS show (at least on 6/7), but not of the Electric Flag show.

Madison Square Garden - Winter Festival for Peace, 1/28/70 with the Band of Gypsys - audience tape survives; Hendrix was overdosed & managed to make it through two songs before he collapsed.

The Fillmore E show seems to have put you off Hendrix enough to skip all his late '68/69 NY shows!
But as you point out, he was very inconsistent in concert - one show could be a marvel, the next a disaster.
He wasn't actually in decline in 1970, it's just that a lot of the better-known shows from that year (and much of the last tour) were disasters. In '68/69, when fewer shows were recorded, the poor ones were mercifully forgotten...
A lot of people seeing him at the time were more annoyed by the showbiz "shtick" than listeners are today - for instance he got some scathing negative reviews about his act after the Monterey show.

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Poster: leftwinger57 Date: Mar 14, 2013 5:54am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Jimi (non-Dead)

This is great news .No dementia here.You do seem to know your shows and by my descriptions we are very very close w/ the correct info.I did not know that the destruction of
axes was common for him only to out do The Who at Monterey.
The Garden show if you say he did manage 2 songs I have to believe you but he did split very quickly.So are you the Cliff of Jimi. It's fasinating to me how much info a person can receive ,remember, then describe it in detail.
I was never into set lists times when a solo was started and all that stuff.All that mattered to me was it a good show was I entertained for the cash I spent and is there continuity with shows. Evidently rigors of the road ,drugs ,mnmgt,and hangers on can all contibute to a bad show as well as the audience not excepting a new form of music from a guy they are used to.One example then I'll go. Jorma tried something called Vital Parts when punk was hitting. It didn't work not to mention that he came out wearing a giant swastika around his neck which made all his Jewish fans very angry. I do know it's is a far east mystical symbol originally but not to many people know this.